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Mounting your horse has never been easier! Your stirrup drops 3" with the push of a button and then locks back into place with the lift of your toe. A one year repair/replacement warranty gives you the peace of mind when ordering.

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We hope you like our new website. After many years on the road, we finally found the time to put all your great input and thoughts together to make a website that you will find enjoyable and very informative. Be sure and take our vitrual tours to find out more about how each of our products work. As always, you can calls us with any questions you may have about our products at 1-877-865-1497.

Our site is brand new and we want to show you all the features of our EZ-Up Brands.Click on the button below and take a tour of our products and don't miss the FAQ page where you'll find answers to many of the questions you might have about our Stirrup and Stirrup Swivels. Thanks again for stopping by and enjoy our site!

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E-Z Up Stirrup Extender & Stirrup Swivel
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